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Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Stress
Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers
Treatment Options for Borderline Personality Disorder
Personality Disorders Overview
Caring for Older People with Persistent Depression
How to Manage Persistent Unstable Behaviours
Dissociation and Paranoia
Borderline Personality Disorders in the Workplace
Understanding Personality Disorders
Antidepressants and Older Adults
Understanding Anxiety
Depression and its Debilitating Effects
Brain Development and Mental Health in Children
Understanding Personality Disorders
Mental Health Law
Caring for a Person with Persistent Depressive Disorder
Managing Acute Delirium and Postoperative Confusion
A Guide to Performing a Mental Health Examination
How to Take a Drug and Alcohol History
Assessing Neurological Deterioration
Understanding Addiction and the Brain
Psychological Effects of An Acute Illness
Trauma and Mental Health
Psychopath v Sociopath: Antisocial Personality Disorders
The Power of Positive Psychology
Eating Disorders and Party Drugs
Narcissists and Other Personality Disorders in the Workplace
Deteriorating Patients and the Environment of Care
Party Drugs: A Tipping Points for Mental Illness?
Psycho-Gastroenterology: A Holistic Approach to Bowel Disease
Neurological Injuries and Falls
Maternal Mental Illness
Neuroleadership and the Autonomic Nervous System
Heavy, Long-Term Cannabis Use - The Neuroanatomical Effects
Why Engaging in Positive Psychology is Essential
Strong Body, Strong Mind
Food for Thought - Why Nutrition is Integral to Good Mental Health
Anxiety, Worry and Physical Illness
Neurological Assessment Skills - A Basic Guide
Mental Health in Prisons
Intern Lecture Series 2018: Stroke Rehabilitation
Intern Lecture Series 2018: Stroke
Intern Lecture Series 2018: Psychiatry
Radiology Pathology: CNS Tumours
Intern Lecture Series 2019: Stroke
The Global Picture of Mental Health
MHPOD: Acquired Brain Injury and Sensory Impairment
MHPOD: Evidence Based Practice
MHPOD: Forensic Mental Health
MHPOD: Formulation
MHPOD: Gender Issues in Mental Health
MHPOD: Health Promotion and Mental Health Promotion
MHPOD: Impact of Medical Conditions
MHPOD: International and National Mental Health Policy
MHPOD: Legislation and Mental Health Practice
MHPOD: Living with Chronic Ill Health
MHPOD: Mental Health and Mental Illness Across the Lifespan
MHPOD: Mental Health Care and Human Rights
MHPOD: Mental Health Care for Indigenous Australians
MHPOD: Mental Health for Older Persons
MHPOD: Mental Health for Older Persons Interventions
MHPOD: Mental Health for Same Sex Attracted Persons
MHPOD: Mental Health Histories and MSE
MHPOD: Mental Health Service System the Organisation
MHPOD: Mental Health Services in Primary Care
MHPOD: MH Peer Workforce within the Broader MH System
MHPOD: Networks of Care
MHPOD: Outcome Measures
MHPOD: Parenting Issues and Mental Health Care
MHPOD: Pharmacological Interventions
MHPOD: Prevention and Early Intervention
MHPOD: Professional Ethics
MHPOD: Psychosocial Interventions
MHPOD: Quality Improvement and Evidence Based Practice
MHPOD: Recovery 1
MHPOD: Recovery 2
MHPOD: Recovery and Citizenship
MHPOD: Relapse Prevention
MHPOD: Risk and Protective Factors
MHPOD: Risk Assessment and Management
MHPOD: Service Development
MHPOD: Skills for Promoting Physical Health
MHPOD: Skills for Supporting Consumers to Study or Work
MHPOD: Social Relationships – Working with Families
MHPOD: Social Wellbeing Connection and Belonging
MHPOD: Strategies for Working with People at Risk of Suicide
MHPOD: Supervision and Self Care in Mental Health Service
MHPOD: Supporting a Mental Health Peer Workforce
MHPOD: The Broad Impact of Mental Illness
MHPOD: Transitional Care Planning
MHPOD: Trauma and Mental Health
MHPOD: Working with People who Self-Harm
MHPOD: Working with People with BPD
MRI Safety
Paediatric CPG: Acute Management of Head Injury
Recruitment and Selection - Convenor Role and Responsibilities
Recruitment and Selection - Panel Member Role
Recruitment and Selection - Panel Quiz
Recruitment and Selection - Post Selection
Recruitment and Selection - Pre Selection
Recruitment and Selection - Selection Process
Redesign Diagnostics
Redesign Evaluation
Redesign Fundamentals
Redesign Implementation
Redesign Initiation
Redesign Solution Design
Research: An Introduction for Beginners
Research Quiz
Respectful Workplace: Coping with Workplace Negativity
Respectful Workplace: Dealing with Difficult Situations
Respectful Workplace: Dealing with Bullying Behaviour
Respectful Workplace: Fundamentals
Respectful Workplace: Straight Talk
Responsible Use of Social Media
Resources eLearning
Resuscitation: Advanced Life Support (Adult)
RESUS4KIDS 1 - Paediatric Life Support
RESUS4KIDS 2 - Advanced Paediatric Resuscitation
RESUS4KIDS 3 - Intraosseous Access
RESUS4KIDS 4 - Tracheostomy Emergency Management
RESUS4KIDS 5 - Neopuff Infant T-Piece Resuscitator
RESUS4KIDS 6 - Advanced Airway Management
Reviewing Prescriptions and Protocol - eLearning Guide
Roles and Accountabilities: IRPs
Roles and Accountabilities: PRPs
Roles and Accountabilities: Section 150
Risk Management for Work, Health and Safety
Risks in Using Family to Interpret
Run the NSWH BAS Tax Worksheet Report in Oracle
Rural eMeds: FirstNet
Rural Generalist Nurse Program: Aged Care
Rural Generalist Nurse Program: Comprehensive Assessment
Rural Generalist Nurse Program: Mental Health
Rural Generalist Nurse Program: Paediatric Care
Rural Generalist Nurse Program: Palliative Care
Safe Patient Handling
Safe Sleep
Safe Use of Benzodiazepines in the Older Person
Safe Use of High-Risk Medications
Safe Use of High-Risk Medicines: An Introductory Module
Safely Prescribing and Administering Insulin
Safety and Quality - Advanced
Safety Engineered Sharps Devices
Screening for Smoking, Alcohol and other Substances
Security Awareness - All Staff
Suicide Prevention and Management
​​The Confused Patient: Dementia or Delirium
Verification of Death
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