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 Trauma in Pregnant Patients
Management of Acute Thoracic Trauma
Pelvic Fractures: Preparing the Patient for Retrieval
Pneumothoraces and Thoracostomy
Traumatic Cardiac Arrest
Aggression and Sedation
Paediatric Pain Assessment
Pneumothorax and Chest Drains
Toothache - 2019
Oral Pain - 2019
Postoperative Pain and Vomiting - 2019
Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome - 2019
Analgesia for Low Back Pain - 2019
Paramedics and Advanced Practice
A Trauma-Informed Approach
Child’s Play: An Intervention to Trauma
The Dangers of Cannabis Misuse
Crisis Management in Perianaesthesia Nursing
Anesthetic Pharmacology
Pharmacological Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Pharmacological Treatment of GORD and Peptic Ulcer Disease
Holistic Assessment of Pain in a Traumatised Older Person
Fragile Bones - Minimal Trauma Fractures in the Older Person

Hospitalized patients' vs. nurses' assessments of pain intensity and
barriers to pain management
Music for reducing the anxiety and pain of patients undergoing a biopsy:
A meta-analysis
Person-centred pain management for the patient with acute abdominal
pain: An ethnography informed by the Fundamentals of Care framework
Re-conceptualizing pain through patient-centred care in the
complementary and alternative medicine therapeutic relationship
Severe pain during wound care procedures: A cross-sectional study
Intern Lecture Series 2018: Trauma
Intern Lecture Series 2018: Prescribing Drugs of Addiction
Intern Lecture Series 2019: Chest Pain
Radiology Pathology - Back Pain
Radiology Pathology - Chest Pain
Acute Pain Management for Adults
Chapter 5: Abbey Pain Scale
ETEK Module 7: Pain Assessment
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