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Caleb Fellowes

Registered Nurse
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Career Objective

Surgically-trained veteran nurse-turned-medical student with a background in ED, ICU, CCU, Gen-Surg and Renal care.


Industry Employment

Previous Employment

Med-Surg, ED, ICU, Renal Nursing                                 
MBH & Agency Work
​Sept. 2018 - Dec. 2023

​​Proficient in IV cannulation and venipuncture

Insertion, maintenance and removal of nasogastric tubes, VAC dressings, indwelling catheter devices and pleural drains in adult patients in an acute care environment

Competent in analysis and interpretation of CXRs, CT and MRI scans (with and without contrast), electrocardiography and EEG tracings

Strong emphasis on team nursing to deliver safe, high quality, coordinated nursing care to a busy surgical ward throughout the evolution of COVID-19

Experience in providing trauma care to unstable patients in the emergency department

​Proven ability to troubleshoot airway difficulties (tracheostomies, HFNP, BiPAP, CPAP, airway adjuncts)

Trained in ALS1, ALS2, PALS - with experience in leading a resus team during cardiac arrest

Formal training in care of haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients - including the use of CRRT

Familiar with managing acute anaesthetic complications including management of LAST, hemorrhage, malignant hyperthermia, airway and cardiac complications

Clinically trained in the application of various suturing techniques 

Acute Medical-Stroke Nursing                                       
Manning Base Hospital
​May 2018 - Sept. 2018

Concrete understanding of telemetry set-up, monitoring and cardiac rhythm interpretation

Compliant with all policies, procedures and protocols related to the acute inpatient stroke pathway

Experience in managing patients with tracheostomies, including tracheostomy tube suctioning using both open and closed-suction catheters, inner cannula changes and tracheostomy tube stabilization

Proficient in caring for stroke patients with complex care requirements in a holistic manner

Extensive pharmacological knowledge, including drug-drug interactions and drug-food interactions

Comprehensive A - G assessments with advanced training in detecting deteriorating patients

Experience in providing high and low care to patients of diverse backgrounds (dementia, stroke victims, paraplegics, diabetics, mental health patients and end-of-life care for palliative patients)

​Compliant with all WH&S policies and procedures, including safe manual handling, hazard identification and control, and infection control procedures

Comprehensive and contemporaneous documentation

Surgical Nursing                                                          
Manning Base Hospital
​Jan. 2018 - May 2018

Worked as part of a busy surgical ward in a rural referral hospital

Provided pre- and post-op nursing care to a diverse population of surgical patients

Proficient in post-op pain management, including PCA set up and maintenance, management of epidural infusions, and monitoring of patients post intrathecal morphine

Ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments (e.g. emergency pre-op admissions)

Experience in post-operative nursing care of patients who have undergone general, urological, gynaecological, oncology and orthopaedic surgery (including post-op management of CBIs, TURPs, abdominal surgery, complex wound management, and diabetic complications)

Comprehensive pathophysiology understanding with an advanced education in fluid and electrolyte management, acid-base disorders, cardiac electrophysiology and infectious diseases

Competent in providing both parental and enteral nutrition (including TPN, enteral feeds, PEG management, NGT and Kangaroo Pumps)

Proven skills in surgical drain management & removal - Bellovac, Hemovac, PICO, VAC, ICC, T-tubes

Familiar with management of neurovascular and neurological complications - including compartment syndrome, intracranial haemorrhage, stroke management and acute spinal cord injuries 


   2021 - Current

  • Commenced Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery
  • James Cook University                                  
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B Nursing

   2015 - 2017

*Awarded to the top student within the Program - based on academic merit

B Pharmacy

  • Achieved a HD average
  • Transferred to B Nursing in 2015                                

2014 - 2015


Professional Development

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Disorders of the spleen

and lymph nodes

Paediatric DETECT junior

Common geriatric conditions and their management

Prioritization and time management

Therapeutic communication

Care of patients in psychiatric distress

Musculoskeletal assessment

Conflict resolution

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Polypharmacy and pharmacotherapeutics

Antimicrobial stewardship

Peri-operative nursing of the surgical patient

Management of blood transfusion reactions

Hepatological diseases and associated serology

BLS & ALS training

Trauma and disaster management



12-lead ECG


Gastrointestinal disturbances

Fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance

Pulmonary pathology

Emergency airway management

Critical research appraisal

Interpretation of pathology values

Master Academic Certification

Tech savy

Evidence-based research

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