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How to Coordinate Interprofessional Teams
   Are You in a High Performing Team?
Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Stress
Wellbeing During a Crisis
ANUMs Managing with Emotional Intelligence
Understanding Thyself and Emotional Intelligence
Leadership Skills in Action
Wright’s Competency Assessment Model
How to Manage Persistent Unstable Behaviours
Mental Health Law
Toxic Workplace Relationships
Leadership Character
Five Successful Teaching Strategies to Use Tomorrow
Crisis Management in Perianaesthesia Nursing
Expanding Your Scope of Practice
The Journey to Leading Healthcare Teams to Higher Performance
Leadership and the Art of Effective Change
Managing Feelings of Disconnect on Night Shift
Meeting the Challenges of Inter-professional Collaboration
How to Go Home Happy!
Tired? Laughter is the Best Medicine
Emotional Intelligence
Neuroleadership and the Autonomic Nervous System
A Scientific Approach to Achieving Better Results
Ethical Dilemmas During a Disaster
Stories From Bourke Street - How Great Teams Come Together
Demands of Working in an Interdisciplinary Team
Minute Taking
Perform Better at the Interview
Working In A Mobile & Agile Team
Leading Mobile & Agile Teams
Introduction to Health Emergency Management
Introduction to Incident Control System (ICS)
Introduction to Medical Supervision
Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
Introduction to Safety and Quality
Introduction to the Foundations Course
Introduction to Work, Health and Safety
ISBAR in our Communication
JH&FMHN Code of Conduct
Key Principles of Smooth Patient Flow
Leadership and Management Pathway for Advanced Trainees
Lean Thinking
Library Services and Resources available to HNE staff
Making Meetings Work
Making Referrals for Accommodation Supports
Manage Aggressive Behaviours
Managing Your Time
Mandatory Training Explained
Mass Casualty Triage Training
Meeting the Healthcare Needs of Refugees
Mental Health Basics
Mental Health Skills for Generalist Health Professionals
Mental State Examination and SMART Card
Motivational Interviewing: Building Skills
Multicultural Health Orientation
Open Disclosure
Open Disclosure Advisor
Partnering with Carers
Patient Care Essentials Learning Pathway
Patient Care Essentials HAIDET for Doctors
Patient Care Essentials HAIDET for Nurses
Patient Care Essentials Hourly Patient Rounding
Patient Care Essentials Learning Pathway
Patient Care Essentials Patient Care Boards
Patient Care Essentials: The Patient Journey
Person Centred Care
Personal Safety Participant Manual
Personal Safety Trainer Guide
Presentation Skills
Procurement Management
PROcure Overview
PROcure Vendor and Core Management
Project Management in a Nutshell
Promoting Attendance and Managing Leave
Quality Audit Reporting System (QARS) - Adding Action Plans
Quality Audit Reporting System (QARS) - Auditing
Recruitment and Selection - Convenor Quiz
SHAPE End of Life Conversations
Sharing Information to Support and Protect Vulnerable Children
SMR Service Smart View on Workforce
Social Work Department: All the Questions
Staff Health
Supporting the Learner
Team Work - Personalities and Flexible Team Interactions
Team Work - Team Processes
The Interviewer
The Legal Framework
​Understanding Guardianship
The National Nursing Forum
Student Governance Leadership Essentials   
Basic Epidemiology and Statistics
Renovation, Repairs and Redevelopment Risk Management
Management of Occupational Exposures
Outbreak Management
Screening and Immunization of Healthcare Workers
Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization
Risk Management of Infectious Diseases
Principles of Infection Prevention and Control 
Code of Conduct 2021 Completion Certificate
Building Emergency Procedures (First-Response Evacuation)
Health Safety and Wellbeing Induction
Self-Care: Exercise
Self-Care: Connectedness
Glossary of Terms and Definitions
Fire and Emergency Procedures
What Patients Really Want
The Registered Nurse and Clinical Leadership in Aged Care
Effective Teamwork in the Healthcare Environment
Working with Doctors - Exploring the Myth of Nursogyny
Top 5 Resume Mistakes Nurses Make When Applying for a Job
Top 5 Mistakes Nurses Make at Interviews
Practical Strategies to Deal with Difficult People in the Workplace
Stress Management: Choose Another Tought
Why Aren't Nurses Looking After Themselves
Growth and Development: Putting it All into Practice
Transferring Knowledge to Practice
Delegation and Unregulated Health Staff
Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace
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